Question - When does the 2024 peach season start and end?  

Answer - Our peach season starts June 6th and continues through August25th. Always check our homepage for the latest updates, as we open and close according to Mother Nature's schedule.

Question - What payment methods will be accepted during the 2024 season? 

Answer - All major credit cards and cash.  Thank you!

Question - Do our peaches taste and look the same year to year? 

Answer - The simple answer is no. The taste, size and color of each peach variety differs every season.

Question - Do fresh peaches have different storage requirements than store bought peaches?

Answer – Yes. Fresh peaches do have a short shelf life, so make sure and have a plan for your peaches once you’ve ordered them. After purchasing your peaches and arriving home, remove your peaches from the box as soon as possible. Place your peaches stem side down on a countertop in a single layer and keep them at room temperature until they are the ripeness you prefer. It is important to check on your peaches often since fresh peaches ripen so quickly. Putting your peaches in the refrigerator will slow down the ripening process.

Question - Where are we located? 

Answer - Wind Drift West is located at 18499 N.E. 50th Street, Harrah, Oklahoma 73045.

Question - How many peach varieties do we grow? 

Answer - Wind Drift Orchards currently has 38 varieties of peaches. Each peach variety has a harvest time of approximately 2 weeks.

Question - What is the difference in Clingstone peaches and Freestone peaches? 

Answer - The Clingstone peaches are named because the fruit flesh clings securely to the pit. The Freestone peaches are named because the fruit flesh removes easily from the pit. They are both great peaches!