Varieties Schedule

Typical Summer Harvest Schedule

Did you know that all varieties of peaches are categorized as Clingstone* or Freestone?  The Clingstone* peaches are named because the fruit flesh clings securely to the pit. The Freestone peaches are named because the fruit flesh removes easily from the pit. Lucky for you Wind Drift Orchards has both!   

Sentry* - Mid-June

Desiree* -  Mid-June

5D Big*  - Mid-June

PF 1* - Mid-June

PF 5B* - Mid-June

Gala* - Mid-June

Early Redhaven  - Mid-June

Blazing Star* - Late June

Rising Star* - Late June

Topaz - Early July

Redhaven - Early July

PF 11 - Early July

Silver Gem - Early July

Redstar  - Early/Mid-July

Red Gold  - Early/Mid-July

Ernie's Choice - Early/Mid-July

Newhaven - Early/Mid-July

Arctic Gem - Early/Mid-July

Crimson Snow - Early/Mid-July

Lucky 13 - Mid/Late July

Summer Pearl - Mid/Late July

Loring - Late July

Allstar - Late July

Blushing Star  - Late July

Gloria - Late July

Contender - Late July

PF 24-007 - Late July

PF 24C - Late July

Red Globe - Late July

Glohaven - Late July

White River - Late July

July Prince - Late July

Sugar Giant  - Late July

Messina - Early August

Jersey Queen - Early August

Redskin - Early August

Early Elberta - Early August

Glowing Star - Early August

PF 28-007 - Early August

Autumn Star - Early/Mid-August

Encore - Early/Mid-August